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About Us

     DHC IP Attorneys is patent and trade-mark agency certified by China SIPO and CTMO, and is also a Foreign-Related Patent Agency authorized by China SIPO.

    With the simple philosophy of “Do Best, Be Honest”, DHC unites a number of 18 experienced, honest and trustworthy, diligent patent attorneys which is currently the largest IP agency of its kind in terms of the actual number of licensed practitioners in Shenzhen, also whose practical area covers the fields of Electronics, Telcommunications, Computer, IT, Photoelectricity, Mechanical and Electrical Integration, Mechanics, Chemical industry, Pharmaceutics, Biological Technology and New Materials.

     DHC is located in high-end and services to the high-end clients with talented team of solid technical skills, rigorous and realistic work style, providing high quality drafting. DHC has successfully filed a large quantity of PCT applications, major domestic and foreign patent applications, won the trust, support and praise of the majority of customers. DHC has established good relationship and cooperation with more than ten famous IP firms in Europe, US, Japan, Korea and Russia, which can provide strong support for the international patent applications of our customers.

      DHC adheres to the pragmatic attitude of integrity, refine on the quality as the basis of the healthy development, and has established a good reputation and corporate image.
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