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In recent years, the amount of Patent applications in China has been grown rapidly, especially in Shenzhen which the proportion of Patent application has occupied a very big part among the whole China. e.g.: the number of PCT applications are always possess above 40% of the whole for six years in China

In order to strengthen the supervision of IP agency, the Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen Municipality organized a “Ten Outstanding Patent Application Drafting Competition”following are the information of the said competition.

1The Judges: 3 Authoritative experts of SIPO

Mr. Li ChaoDeputy Director of Communication Examining Department of SIPO

Mr. Zhang QingkuiDirector of Pharmaceutics and Bio Examining Department of SIPO

Mr. Wu GuanleEx. Director of Mechanics Examining Department of SIPO

2ParticipantsMore than 20 IP firms

3Review time4 months

4The results

13 most outstanding draftings, 2 of them (Luo Yao and Peng Yuanjie) are from DHC.

210 outstanding draftings, 5 of them (Peng Yuanjie, Luo Yao, Guo Yan, Chen Junbing, Xiang Wuqiao) are from DHC.

33 particularly outstanding observations, 2 of them (Luo Yao, Guo Yan)are the experienced patent attorneys from DHC.

413 outstanding observations, 7 of them are the experienced patent attorneys from DHC.

51 outstanding IP firm: DHC

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