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Procedure - Madrid Trademark Registration

Madrid International Trademark Registration

1. Trademark Search
Before filing your application, it shall be determined whether the mark to be registered is pending registered or has been registered the trademark rights.

We can get prior trademark records and the preliminary opinions from the Trademark Office on whether it has been registered or not. The search results will minimize the risk for the whole application and registration process. Therefore, the search service with authorities is strongly recommended.

2. Submit Application
An application must include the following elements before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) accepts it:

• Application Form for international registration;
• The copy of the registration certificate in applicant’ country;
• Two clear drawing of the mark;
• Power of Attorney executed by the applicant

3. Formality Check and Certificate Issued by IB
When the international bureau receives the application data of trademark registration, IB checks the application for fees, formalities and classification.

If the application meets the minimum filing requirements, IB will registers and publishes the application in its Gazette, and sends certificate to the applicant. Meanwhile, IB advises all the designated countries.

4. National Phase of the Application
(1) Each designated country examines the international application in accordance with its national legislation.
(2) If the examiner notifies IB of any problem, IB sends the notice to the applicant.
(3) Once the problem is overcome, the designate country may advertise the international application for opposition.
(4) If opposition is filed, the designated country must notify the IB, and IB sends the notice to the applicant.
(5) When everything is in order, designated countries give effect to the international registration.

Entrusting us to proceed with the review on refused regarding a Madrid International Trademark Registration

(1) The international registration number.
(2) The Notice of Refusal from the Chinese Trademark Office.
(3) The WIPO's cover sheet transferring the Notice on Refusal.
(4) Power of Attorney executed by the applicant
(5) Reasons and relevant evidential materials.

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